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Academic Year 2017-18

Summer Internship      The department of Electronics sent seven students B. Samatha, G.Pooja, K.Pooja, R.Raga Chandrika, K.Venkata Anusha, K.Suhitha and D.Rajeshwari from I B.Sc. (MECs) for an internship programme of six weeks duration from April 17th, 2017 to May 31st, 2017 at Efftronics Systems Pvt.Ltd, Vijayawada. Workshop on Ham Radio Organized a guest lecture cum workshop on the usefulness of Ham radio during natural calamities by Mr.Ramesh on 19th June, 2017 for the final year Electronics students.

Guest lecture on Internet of Things (IOT) 
The departments of Physics and Electronics organized a guest lecture on “Internet of Things and future career possibilities” as an activity of ‘Inspire Club’ on 04.07.2017 for the I,II and III B.Sc Physics and Electronics students. Mr.S Bhavani Shankar, Executive Manager, R&D department of the Efftronics Systems Pvt., Ltd.,addressed the students.He explained about the latest technology “Internet of Things" (IOT) which  connects various th…

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